DK Shield Method
  Retaining the face perfectly by muddy soil
  Rheological Foam Shield Tunneling Method
  Rheological foams control all types of soil
  Extruded Concrete Lining Method
  Constructing high-quality linings / Providing high cost performance
  Multi-circular Face Shield Method
  Offering diverse tunnel cross sections using the mechanical properties of a circle
  DOT Tunneling Method
  Contributing to effective use of a wide range of underground spaces
  Enlargement Shield Tunneling Method
  Expanding space efficiently / Offering wide variations of construction methods
  Rotating Shield Method
  Multi-directional tunneling method greatly increases construction efficiency
  Horizontal & Vertical Variation Shield Method
  Freely spiraling or separating a tunnel of multi-circular cross section
  Mechanical Shield Docking Method
  Mechanically docking Method
  DPLEX Shield Method
  Appropriate for long-distance excavation of tunnels of large cross section
  Chemical Plug Shield Method
  Excavating tunnels in gravel layer at great depths under high water pressure using muddy soil pressure
  P&PC Segment Lining Method@(Prestressed & Precast Concrete Segment)
  Excellent economy and high quality are realized by introducing prestress
  Wagging Cutter Shield Tunneling Method
  Using a compact shield tunneling machine of flexible cross section

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